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Willow Boutique has been in the same location at 309 Pearl Street since 2016, but today you might see a new face running the show.

The following feature was written by Ashley Dzurko

Willow Boutique has been open since November of 2016 but I’ve been the owner since June of 2019 (I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR already)!

The business was opened by Kelly Castady in 2016 but I was actually very pregnant at the time she opened so I didn’t have the opportunity to visit right away. Once the store had been open for a couple of months and I became [somewhat] adjusted to being a new mom, I went in and visited. Kelly and I became instant gal-pal’s since we both had a love of everything fashion and beauty.

As our friendship evolved, and I spent more and more time there, I began blogging and modeling [I’m laughing as I type the word “model”] for the store. In April of 2019, Kelly informed me of her and her family’s departure from La Crosse and we joked about purchasing the business. I hadn’t been mentally prepared for a venture like self-employment/business

ownership but I was so eager to give it a try, especially since I was such a big fan of the store to begin with. Shout out to my husband, Jess-- THANK YOU for allowing me to follow my dreams, it has truly been such a blessing. As mentioned above, we made the transition in June of 2019 and I’ve enjoyed every second and have learned so much along the way.

"Downtown is the heart of La Crosse and I think if you’ve ever spent time on Main Street or Pearl Street, you can feel the energy from the visitors and business owners. There’s nothing like shopping local and we have the best atmosphere for that." -Ashley Dzurko, Owner of Willow Boutique

Willow Boutique is a contemporary women's clothing store in Downtown La Crosse. Willow carries a curated collection of women's clothing, accessories and jewelry. Our goal is to help everyone find their own personal style with pieces that are classic and timeless with an edge.

Come and see us in the shop! We pride ourselves on our customer service and assisting women in finding the perfect piece; whether it be jewelry, a top or even a pair of shoes.



Visit in store at 309 Pearl Street


Shop online at

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