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If you walked down the artist's alley behind 444 Main Street, then you have seen some of Ashton Hall's work. She is a local artist whose pieces can be found throughout the county, but is centered in Downtown La Crosse.

The following feature was written by Ashton Hall.

I was born in La Crosse but grew up in Bangor but graduated from Central High in 2007. After receiving my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Western Technical College I started pursuing my passion for fine art. I work with Oil pastels, acrylic, and Oil paint full-time. I started putting up artwork around downtown in 2015 at festivals, cafes, restaurants, churches, libraries, and galleries.

I stayed in La Crosse because this city is a great place to find true respite and connect with nature. Anyone that is an artist knows what I mean. Here I can live a truly peaceful, spiritual lifestyle. My imagination flowers in tranquil locations. I am well traveled and I have moved away for periods of time but have always wandered back home. Recently after helping curate La Crosse's first mural alleyway I created a six-month Pop-up Studio Gallery inside the Rubber Mills building 2 miles from downtown. Currently I am curating a space for La Crosse Footwear artifacts from the early 1900's. This gallery is free to the public and will also feature a mural I am currently creating on the 2nd floor of the Rubber Mills building off the 2nd floor elevator. Address: 1501 Saint Andrew Street La Crosse WI 54603.

I love Downtown La Crosse because here you really are the change you want to see. Each person's impact is so grand here and palpable compared to a larger city. Each person really does have a spotlight and a voice for their own unique perspective. -Ashton Hall, Artist

When I am not downtown I am painting oil & acrylic commissions and exploring my own inner world and imagination. I enjoy curating art spaces to exhibit works and have people gather for the sake of art and community. When I am not painting I am updating my artist blog, creating exhibits, sunbathing, biking, or catching a beer at one of the local breweries.



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