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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the La Crosse Public Library has adapted to offer a variety of online learning resources and opportunities for those in the La Crosse community.

The following feature was written by Shanneon Grant, Library Director.

Since opening in 1888, the La Crosse Public Library has moved beyond being solely reservoirs of culture and knowledge.

The La Crosse Public Library serves as a center for community information and education, contributes to the cultural and artistic life of the city of La Crosses, provides greater access to technology for the public, and helps support the economic life of the city through adult literacy, job search assistance and computer skills development.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library has moved all of our adult and children's programming online, utilizing Facebook Live and Zoom. This has allowed us to continue to engage with our patrons and remain a part of the cultural life of the community.

We are still providing in-person access to our public computers and printing/copying services at our Main Library as well as FREE Wi-Fi at all three locations (Open everyday, 5 AM-11 PM).

The La Crosse Public Library is now offering self-pick up of requested library materials, as well as "book bundles" (selections made by librarians) for those who miss browsing. We plan to offer "Grab and Go" browsing in our next phase of services. We are also offering Reference services as well as Archives & Local History services via email and phone.

We have a large variety of digital content available here. If you don't have a library card, you can get an e-card to access our downloadable materials!

In collaboration with the La Crosse Parks and Rec department, we offer online computer classes as well as in-person technology help at Black River Beach.

Partnering with WAFER in October, we have been following them on their stops as they visit public housing and schools to deliver meals. We have been offering activity kits, free books from our little free library, free Wi-Fi and promoting services such as our home delivery service for shut-ins.

We are always in need of support from the local community and the best way to do that is through volunteering and fundraising. With occupancy limitations due to COVID, we don't currently have volunteers inside the building, but rely on volunteer help to provide home delivery service for shut-ins. For future volunteer opportunities, visit the 'Volunteer' page on our website.

With our usual annual fundraising gala on hold for this year, we look forward to future events. In the meantime, we graciously accept any donations to help us provide engaging programs and services that enrich the lives of people like you in our community.

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"We've got so many fantastic places to shop, dine, and visit. The La Crosse Public Library is proud to have our flagship facility located in such a vibrant and historic locale." - Shanneon Grant, Director of La Crosse Public Library

When I'm not working at the library, I enjoy baking for my family, catching up with friends over long coffee chats, and snuggling with my elderly corgi-beagle mix, Blondie.

One reason why I love Downtown La Crosse is because it offers an array of amazing experiences year-round! We've got so many fantastic places to shop, dine, and visit. The La Crosse Public Library is proud to have our flagship facility located in such a vibrant and historic locale.

It's hard to pick just one favorite memory or experience from my time in La Crosse, but I've always been delighted to share the autumn tradition of enjoying caramel apples at Finnottes Nut & Chocolate Shop with my family. I also enjoy the atmosphere of kicking off the holiday season by experiencing all of the Downtown Open House festivities!


La Crosse Public Library

800 Main Street

Open daily, 5 AM-11 PM


Shanneon Grant

Library Director

Visit their website:

Facebook: @lacrosselibrary

Instagram: @lacrosselibraryoutreach

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