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We started La Crosse Distilling Co. as a way to highlight all the awesome organic farming going on in the region and featuring it in a way that no one else was.

The following feature was written by Chad Staehly.

La Crosse Distilling Co. has called Downtown La Crosse home for just over two years. Downtown La Crosse has so much to offer in terms of food, drinks, shops, entertainment, parks, trails, the mighty Mississippi River and the great people. There's great organizations like the Rotary Club, Explore La Crosse and Downtown Main Street among others that organize events for people to attend with art, music, local vendors and more.

We wanted to bring the farmer's field to bottled spirits. Distilling started on the farm hundreds of years ago. We also felt this was a great way to support other local businesses and show off their hard work. We source as many of our ingredients from local purveyors and farmers as possible, both in terms of our bottled spirits as well as the food we serve in our restaurant at the distillery's tasting room.

Farmer Forward is the first tenet on our logo, everything starts in the farmer's field. We operate from a methodology at the distillery of wanting to leave this place, our city, our region, our state, our country, our planet better off than we found it. Luckily we have found some great partners in that mission, one shining example is Patrick McHugh and his family farm. Patrick is farming corn for us with a no till methodology as well as organically. This develops great soil health which is so important for our future. We are a certified organic facility, most of our products are certified organic and we try to be sustainable as possible. The distillery is powered by geothermal energy and part of the distilling process also uses geothermal energy.

Our building is also essentially a passive solar building. We send all of our spent grain from our distilling process back to the farm to feed livestock and we are composting as much as we can as well. The support from this community and what is available to us at our fingertips here in the Driftless Region is truly amazing. We couldn't be more grateful to be where we are. Our hope is that La Crosse Distilling Co. and its products make the people of the area proud and that we are good representatives of and ambassadors of our home place.

Locals and anyone around the state can support us by buying our bottled spirits in liquor stores and grocery stores throughout the state. We distribute our Fieldnotes Vodka and Gin, Downtown Toodeloo Rock & Rye Whiskey and our High Rye Light Whiskey throughout the state of Wisconsin. People can also ask for it at their favorite bars and restaurants. If you live around La Crosse or are visiting our beautiful city you can stop by the tasting room at the distillery to enjoy a craft cocktail, enjoy a bite of farm to table food, tour the distillery or buy some bottles directly from us. We also have a small beer brewing program as well for the beer lovers. We are currently producing three to four varieties of beer.

There's a lot of people living downtown who really care about their city and want to help make it a better place. -Chad Staehly, Co-Owner & Co-Founder of La Crosse Distilling Co.

My family and I live in Downtown La Crosse, we have two boys ages 5 and 7 and a dog named Cooper. We love walking around downtown, hiking all the amazing trails just outside of downtown, visiting all the amazing local small businesses that are part of La Crosse and make La Crosse so special. We can also be found visiting orchards and farms around the region and spending lots of time outside. We love the weather and change of seasons in the La Crosse area and can't say enough good things about the Driftless Region. This is such a special place to live.



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