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Pledge Your Support


It has always been important to buy local,

but that has taken on a whole new meaning and importance this year.

National predictions are that huge percentages of small, locally-owned retailers and restaurants will close this year due to the challenges of the pandemic.  However, we have the power to control that outcome in our community by taking this pledge and giving that little extra effort to BUY LOCAL!

Take the SHOP LOCAL PLEDGE, by entering your name and email below, and commit to:​​

  • At least 75% of your holiday season spending at locally owned businesses;

  • Seeking a local alternative before ordering online or buying at a national chain;

  • Spreading the word to others in the community about the importance of buying local.

Municipality of Residence: (Choose closest option)

Thank You for Taking the Pledge! Please share it on social media!

So you've taken the pledge..... now what?

  • You are entered into a drawing for one of three $50 Downtown La Crosse gift certificates.

  • Share your commitment and inspire others to join!

    • Use the BeLocalLaCrosse Facebook Frame (search "Be Local La Crosse" in Profile Frames);​

    • Share your favorite places to Buy Local on social media and use #belocallax

  • Get Shopping!​

  • Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to ​shop local with Downtown La Crosse Gift Certificates.

Small steps over the next few months will help preserve the character of our community, maintain jobs for our friends and neighbors, and strengthen our economy by keeping more profits local.

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